DIY 10 minute wired hair band

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I have fine and pretty floppy hair. It's annoying and needs stuff done to it to not look rubbish. I've recently discovered that a scarf tied up around my head and a few hair pins can go a long way to sorting out a bad hair day. But they always slide off my minuscule volumeless head. This tutorial shows you how to make a really quick wired one that stays in place all day.


You’ll need a sewing machine for this (although you could probably do it by hand stitching), I’m not an amazing seamstress by any stretch so can guarantee you this is super basic.


Sewing Machine

Thread the colour of your fabric

A silk/satin scarf from a charity shop (needs to be long enough to tie around your head)



Measuring Tape

Some sturdy wire (less than a hanger but more than jewellery wire)



Step 1. Measure your head with the scarf, if its a bit too long (you want about 5 inches excess) then mark the point which is the ideal length. Fold your scarf in half on the diagonal with the wrong side facing in.

Step 2. Pin about 3 inches in, curving up at the ends. When you get to your point you marked, curve up there rather than the end.


Step 3.  Sew along this line leaving a small gap on one end for the wire to be pushed through.

Step 4. Cut the excess fabric off.


Step 5. Using a knitting needle or chopstick, push the fabric through the hole to turn it the right way around.


Step 6. Iron it so you have a flat “sausage”.


Step 7. Now take your wire and bend the end over onto itself to create a loop.


Step 8. Do the same to the other end (measure your wire so its the same length as your sausage with excess for creating the loops).

Step 9. Feed your wire in through the hole and secure each loop with a couple of stitches at each end.

Step 10. Carefully stitch up the little hole.

Step 11. You’re done! wind it up around your head and twist the two ends together.


Hope you like it and make many wonderful hair bands to enjoy! Another version of this if you want a tied bow would be to keep the scarf full length and only put wire in the middle section (a little longer than your head). That way you can have the structure of the wire but the floppy bow of the scarf.

Have a gorgeous weekend, I’ll be scarce next week as spending three days teaching bauble making at the Paperchase Christmas press show! I’ve even got to get my Christmas jumper on as they’ll be filming the craft class (selfishly hoping the sun will take a hike!).

Tia x

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