Alternative Wedding Favours: Cactus in a jar

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Too often people slave away on hundreds of favours for their wedding and realise the next day that about half have been left behind. SO DEMORALISING! The tutorial today will show you how to make this really cute cactus favour which is both unisex and a real keeper.

Cactus Feature

I was recently given some glass jars by Paperchase and asked to come up with ideas for wedding favours ahead of their wedding press event this week. So after much time searching the web and getting inspiration I put together these 6: Cactus, Hot Chocolate, Wild Flower Seeds, A Scented Candle, Olive Oil with Copper Leaf Strip and a Flowers with Glitter Globe (summer alternative to a snow globe):

Cactus Favour     Hot Chocolate Mix Favour     Wild Flower Favour     Scented Candle Favour     Olive Oil Copper Leaf Favour    Snowglobe

After much deliberation we decided to go with the Cactus one with an added copper strip, so the blog today will give you a “how to” step by step.

What you need

A Glass Jar

A Cactus

Cactus Soil

Leather Gloves

Copper Leaf

Gold Size (special glue for doing metal leafing)

Paint Brush

Talcum Powder

Cacti Items for Cactus Favour

How To Make It

Step 1. Using your paint brush apply a thin layer of gold size on the areas of the jar where you want the copper to stick. It will have a bluish tinge at this stage.

Gold Size

Step 2. When the glue has gone clear, you can begin to apply the leaf. It helps to cover your hands in talcum powder first to stop the leaf sticking to your fingers. Apply the leaf by ripping pieces off the large sheet and applying it to the glue using a tapping motion.

Attach Copper LeafStep 3. Using a dry brush in a circular motion, brush off the excess copper leaf so it only stays on the areas you applied glue to.

Step 4. Fill your jar partway with soil then wearing your leather gloves, remove the cactus from it’s pot and push it into the jar. Use the back of a teaspoon or a chopstick to push it in on the sides.

Step 5. Top up with extra soil if needed.

That’s it! The more you make the quicker it gets. They also make lovely gifts and are very easy to care for.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post, next week look out for some lovely Easter crafts. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Tia x


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