10 Crafts and Activities to do with toddlers in winter

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I regularly get asked by other parents for craft ideas to do with toddlers. This week I share my top 10.

I know this won’t necessarily benefit all my readers but for the parents fighting through this winter and slowly losing the will to live with dressing their toddlers in 314837438 layers of clothing so they can miserably drag them around a dark park yet again, I thought this one might be worth doing. Here are my top 10 ideas for crafts and activities to do with your toddlers to keep them (and you) engaged.

1. Make a book of things they love

Using your home printer, print off photos of people they know, things they like e.g. dinosaurs, dogs, ducks. Then let them help you pritt stick these into a scrap book which you can then go through together. This has the added benefit of creating a little reminder of what they liked at different stages as its so easy to forget. You could even add things like glitter, leaves or other items you have found on walks.

2. Make a baby bath bomb

Baby Sensory bath bombs

Making bath bombs is a lot easier than you think. In this activity you can get your little ones to help you with mixing and pouring the ingredients into the bowl. Put a little toy in the middle of the bath bomb and when it is set, run a nice big bath and drop the fizzy bombs into the bath one by one to reveal the toys. Great sensory activity and has the added benefit of having lovely oils and things good for your toddler’s skin. See the tutorial here.

3. Build a massive pile of pillows and run and jump onto them

Julie Lawes (a local mum) suggested this one. I remember doing this as a child, you would be amazed how entertaining this particular activity can be. I make the pile at the base of the sofa and my little boy climbs up onto the sofa and launches himself off into the pillows (about 234 times).

4. Get wrapped up and go on a critter search

You can even do this one in your back garden, go looking under rocks or in piles of leaves to find what little critters are hiding where. You could take pictures of these to add to your book (above).

5. Make a bubble painting

Once your toddler understands blowing into a straw rather than sucking on it, this is really fun. You basically mix dishwashing liquid, paint and water in a bowl and then blow bubbles into it with a straw. Then place sheets of paper on top which will pop the bubbles and make a really cool pattern. Full tutorial can be found here.

6. Create an outer space bath

Baths don’t just need to be for washing purposes. My little one loves water and in winter that just results in a lot of muddy clothes and a cold baby. Turning your bathroom into an amazing glowing land is easier than it sounds and resulted in a massive “WOW” when he first saw it. We used tonic water rather than highlighters as I didn’t feel ok about that given he drinks the bath water. Definitely worth getting the different bits for this craft for rainy days. Find the full tutorial here.

7. Make fluffy snowy creamy stuff

If your toddler is beyond putting everything into their mouth, this is a really fun activity and you could pop them in the bath again to play with it and make different things. Basically you mix 1 can of shaving cream with 2 boxes of cornflour and food colouring (optional) to make tons of fluffy snowy fun.

8. Make fairies in a jar

For this all you need is a glowstick (it’s worth getting non-toxic in case for some reason the jar gets opened), a jar and some diamond glitter (it’s made from ground down glass rather than plastic). Snap the glow stick and pour it into the jar. Then add a few tablespoons of the glitter. Seal it all up and shake shake shake. *Please note the above photo is from Pinterest, the real thing doesn’t sparkle quite so much, I suspect Photoshop had a part to play!  They are still lovely though and if your flick the remnants into a carboard box and turn the light off it looks like an amazing Galaxy.

9. Create an obstacle course

Create an obstacle course in the living room using boxes, chairs, pillows, shoes, toys and anything else you have around. Then show them the route to climb up and down. Even use masking tape to mark out the road to take. Add in chasing for added delight and encourage them to race you through the maze.

10. Gelatin Sensory Play

Using coloured gelatin (or just jelly) fill a silicon mould or cups with jelly and add a small toy in the middle. When they have set put them on a big tray and let your little one tear them open to reveal the toys inside. Full tutorial can be found here.

This only really scratches the surface, there are lots of other things to do that I couldn’t capture on here like taping up sheets of flip chart paper all over a wall and letting them go for it with pens and paints, putting them in a cardboard box with crayons, dress up and of course making forts/dens.  For more ideas, follow our Pinterest board Kiddy Craft Ideas.  Thank you to all the ladies from Muswell Hill Mums who contributed to the post.

Hopefully this week’s post has given the parents out there some inspiration to get you through the next couple of months before the sun returns.  Have a lovely week, hopefully the sunshine sticks around.

Tia x

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